Banking protection works contrary to logic?

Dear Sirs,


- Use FSIS 2015 or FSAVCS 12 Premium Edition

- Open a financial site in a browser (say in Firefox)

- The Bank Protection top header notification appears

- Open another financial site in another web browser (say in IE or Chrome)

- The page refuses to load and the warning says Banking Protection is active in another browser, which first needs to be closed down.

- That's despite F-Secure Banking Protection recognizing "" as a legimitate financial clean website and protecting it if you open that site first in a browser.


By blocking the use of two known clean and safe e-banking sites side-by-side, F-Secure actually blocks some meaningful work. If people move money from one of their accounts to the other, they want to see in real-time that the transaction took place, so they need to have both sites open in browser.


I could understand F-Secure blocking "" while "" is open in a browser, but why block multiple known-safe financial websites existing side by side?


Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


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    Hi Tamas,


    Thanks for the post, seems interesting. But as far as Banking protection is concerned, once you open an online Banking website on a particular browser, it activated the Banking Protection and elevates the security level of your online session on the respective browser. This will block any other browser incoming or outgoing connection when you are on a Banking website in the other browser.


    However, let me check with our Experts if they can provide more details on this.

  • etomcat
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    Dear Laksh,


    Thanks for the explanation!

    The problem is, however that not every banking website works with every browser. Often times the bank will specify their e-transactions portal only supports IE or Mozilla, because they use something special (custom smartcard or token attachment) or simply do not want to invest in upgrading a legacy web interface.


    Because of this, it can be necessary to keep Bank1 open in IE and Bank2 in Firefox, for example, when transferring funds from one account to the other online. Apparently FSIS block this as long as banking protection is active.


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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