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On 21 September, 2015, we will be carrying out some backend changes to our Community in order to improve your experience. From 06:00 to 11:00 UTC, the Community login will be affected.


During this time, you will be able to access information and read posts as normal, but you might not be able to log in and post. For security reasons, you will need to reset your password after the maintenance. To do this, go to Login and Forgot your password?


If you experience problems in logging in after the maintenance, please contact us at


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Your F-Secure Community Team 


  • Hello,


    Sorry for my reply and question.


    But with my account comes strange experience maybe (?!).


    I not sure.. that I understand situation normally... and my first try (before try to login with my original credential's password - I goes to use "reset password/forgot your password"). Basically.. maybe I have exeperience with try to login "under new login page of community" with original "password" (but it was marked as wrong. I not tried to check ... maybe I just type a mistake with password and goes to use reset-feature - because remember about this topic).


    Anyway... "Forgot your password" triggered mail-letter for my mail-account.

    Link under mail-letter triggered page with reset-password (choose new one).

    New password (during try to login with my original mail-account) triggered page about "Choose nickname" :) for finish registration.

    Some tries around.. and I thought that it's a stuck. So I choose new account nickname.. and it's comes as "fresh one" (and previous nickname: Ukko ; of course was marked as "In use" - logical, but I not possible to login with current nickname-account).


    So.. strange situation there next one:


    -> I have normal/original mail-account. It's mean situation comes with different between password.

    -> I able to receive mail-letters (notifications from community actions) for both accounts-nickname.

    Such as.. original "Ukko" and new one (current one) "UkkoUkko" . In fact there ONE mail-account.


    But I can to think about next point... and ?! not sure how it's can be in fact.

    As example.. I goes to re-check it's from first about "mail-accounts" and notifications. It's works for both nicknames (for community... on current time.. it's two different accounts?! but in fact one mail account and different passwords).  So.. something wrong with mail?!


    Under notification I can to see.. that there can be different.... small different:


    Original account (Ukko) comes with header about "To" like "";

    and current account (UkkoUkko) comes with header about "To" like "";


    Just one capital character in first.. can be a reason.. that I not possible to use my previous account nickname and basically... account?

    Can be there something as ... workaround for back to my normal previous main account.

    Potentially.. it's visible that "probably" there one IP and same mail-address under profile.



    Sorry for not nice English and current reply.. just maybe I not found something same under community?!

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    Hi Ukko,


    I'll contact you by private message on that matter.

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