Freedome free trial didn´t work



This happened a couple of days ago, so unfortunately can´t remember any details, but hope you could help anyway.


Tried to download the 14 days free trial, but it said I have to subscibe to continue being protected..??

By then the installation wasn´t even done yet, according to my computer, as it said something like installation still running. I have never tried it before.


What to do?






  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi BA,


    May I know when you got the error message in the product? Was it during the download or during the installation?


    You may try to download the installer from here for Freedome from our website directly and retry the installation.

  • BABA Posts: 4


    I guess it must have been during the installation... it was thursday or friday last week, too many days ago to remember details, sorry.


    It was from your wesite, but the Swedish version:

    And I tried several times, and got the same result.

  • BABA Posts: 4

    Just a thought: could it have something to do with my computer being pre owned? Far fetched maybe, because the company says the computers are refurbished and as new, but could there be some traces left in case the previous owner would have used Freedome?

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi BA,


    Not sure what would be the exact issue or what caused this, as having a screenshot of the error would help us narrow down. You can retry the installation and if you encounter the same issue, please provide us the details like at what stage it happened and the screenshot of the error message to check futher.

  • BABA Posts: 4

    As I told you alraedy, I have tried installing it several times.

    I tried again yesterday, and now once more.

    It doesn´t work. Obviously, as it thinks I´ve used the 14 days already.


    Getting grumpy here, to be honest.


    My English isn´t good enough for this, I don´t know s**t about computers - I have no idea what a screenshot is.

    It took your other support (in Swedish) four days to redirect me here, and you reply only once a day.

    It soon has been a week, and nothing has been solved.

    I would have no problem buing it for a month or so, but you sell it only for the entire year. I will not pay you that, unless I know it works on my computer (especially after reading on this forum, as people seem to have troubles with it).


    I don´t get the same installation screen I did the first time.

    It only says "Du är sårbar på nätet" (You are vulnerable on the internet) and "Köp nu" / "Inte nu" (Buy now / Not now)

    If I press "Inte nu" it says "Är du säker på att du vill risera ditt privatliv online?" (Are you sure you want to risk your private live online?)

    If I press "Köp Nu" it says "Köp nu" and "Har gått ut" (Buy now and Expired), and wants me to enter a code (or is called a key in English, maybe).

    That is all I can tell you.


    Couldn´t you just fix it somehow?



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    Hi BA,


    I will message you via Private Message for further discussion.

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