Riskware "Application.Bundler.DownloadAdmin" cannot be removed from Exclude


I noticed that a riskware named Application.Bundler.DownloadAdmin shows up in the "Exclude from scanning". I tried removing it from the Exclude, but it keeps going back even after pressing ok. F-Secure and Malwarebytes are not detecting any threats.  I even cleared my browsers of all cookies and cache.


Should I be concerned by this? Is there a way to remove it or do I leave it as is?
Thank you,


  • Yekod
    Yekod Posts: 2 New Member



    I didn't know there were different exclusions for Manual scanning and Real time scanning (initially I only removed the file from Manual scanning). I removed the file on both exclusions and it worked. It doesn't reappear anymore. 


    Thank you so much!

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