Riskware "Application.Bundler.DownloadAdmin" cannot be removed from Exclude

I noticed that a riskware named Application.Bundler.DownloadAdmin shows up in the "Exclude from scanning". I tried removing it from the Exclude, but it keeps going back even after pressing ok. F-Secure and Malwarebytes are not detecting any threats.  I even cleared my browsers of all cookies and cache.


Should I be concerned by this? Is there a way to remove it or do I leave it as is?
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    Hi Yekod,


    Welcome to the F-Secure Community! Regarding the riskware, is it shown as exluded from Real time scanning or Manual scanning? How do you know this is a riskware - is it shown in some scanning report?


    What is the F-Secure product in which you have added the exclusion?


    Try to remove the riskware from both Real time scanning or Manual scanning exclusion list and click OK. Please check if it is removed from the list.


  • Hi,


    I didn't know there were different exclusions for Manual scanning and Real time scanning (initially I only removed the file from Manual scanning). I removed the file on both exclusions and it worked. It doesn't reappear anymore. 


    Thank you so much!

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