Performance problems with F-Secure Antivirus for Mac OS X and Thunderbird


I was having problems with mail client Thunderbird and decided to look more closely into what is happening. I run my Thunderbird so that it stores some of the mail folders locally on separate encrypted volume on my Mac OS X. The actual INBOX folder file in my case is 850MB. The problem now occurs whenever I try to access that folder *and* have F-Secure real-time scanning on. Unfortunately even browsing the folder in Thunderbird means that F-Secure real-time scanning starts to check the 850MB file again and I suspect this may happen for each I/O operation making the Thunderbird pain to use as the UI slows down.


Now this started to bug me sometime in the summer, so something probably changed with F-Secure Antivirus for Mac OS X then.


My question now is that is there anything I can do to fix this except to try to reduce my mail folder size?


From the F-Secure Antivirus UI I could not find a place where I can add exceptions of files, which should not be scanned. This would have been my first choice unless there's something clever just around the corner in the next version of F-Secure Antivirus for Mac OS X?



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    Hi khuhtanen,


    May I know what is the OS of your Mac? Let me check with our Product Experts on this for further information.

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    If you're familiar with Terminal, you can use the commands below to exclude a certain volume from scanning (with some exceptions). Replace "EncryptedDiskImage" with the name of your volume containing the Thunderbird INBOX file. This assumes you have administrator privileges, and "sudo" will prompt for your password at least once. Let me know if this helps. Note: this file is overwritten upon software upgrade. Save these instructions and repeat the procedure if the problem persists after a product upgrade.


    cp /usr/local/f-secure/fsmac/sysconfig/user_content_files /tmp/ucf

    echo '^/Volumes/EncryptedDiskImage/.*' >> /tmp/ucf 

    sudo cp /tmp/ucf /usr/local/f-secure/fsmac/sysconfig/user_content_files 

    sudo killall fsavd



    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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