Sharing a 5 device account with friends


Probably a silly question but I want to check this:

If I buy a 5 device account and share it with 4 friends, can we all choose to use one account as we wish?

So for example, 2 of can use it in a PC, 2 in an ipad and 1 in an Android tablet. And naturally from different locations.

Or, for example, can all of use our one account in our ipads, using 5 different Apple ID's?

(Funny that I can get Freedome for all my ios devices for 17 euros in the AppStore, but if I buy it just for my ipad from, it costs 40e. Doesn't make much sense.)


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    Hi Bob_Sacamano,


    For a multi license code which you buy, once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a subscription code that you need to enter in the app's subscription view on each device. Your subscription is then activated on all your devices (mobile devices/ laptops/desktops) covered by the subscription. Once you purchase a 5 license code, it can be activated on 5 different devices. However, the licenses will be bought by one email account during the purchase registration and the code received by the same.


    For App store licenses, App store subscriptions are limited to one OS platform, but are valid on all your devices connected to the same user account, for example your Google Play account or Apple ID. If you and your friends have different Apple ID's in all your devices, you might not be able to install it as it has to be one user account on all devices.


    You can find more information about the licensing in the Freedome page under subscription options:

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    I bought Freedome on my android phone. It was recently renewed for 1 year.

    I want to move to a multi-user solution (5  users) as I want also to use it on my PC.

    How should I proceed ?


    Best Regards,





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    Hi Alexandre,


    You can check our Freedome product page under Subscription options for more information on 'How to upgrade to multi-platform subscription'. This KB article can also help to provide more information.

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