Belgian video content still blocked in UK when using Freedome




I am currently trialing Freedome to see if this service can allow me to watch content from my home country Belgium while I'm living in the UK. Currently though, websites like still don't play the videos that are tagged 'only in Belgium'. I'm using chrome and the latest version of Freedome for Mac.


Looking at  the info on, my current connection seems to originate from France.


Is this a known issue?



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    Hi Appey,


    Please refer to this article to have further information as to why the IP address may seem to be shown as a different country than expected.

  • appey

    Hi Laksh,


    I read that post and understand that a site like whatismyip is not bulletproof. However I used Hola before finding Freedome and their Belgian VPN actually seems to originate within Belgium. I never had any issue with playing local Belgian content through Hola. Before I pay for something like Freedome I'd like to know whether there is a fix for this issue or not?


  • Elia
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    Hello Laksh,


    at least Netflix is blocking me out every time when I use  my PC or laptop (both have WIn7) although I have connected to US server (I live in Finland).  My android tablet works well.  So problem has to be in Windows 7 itself, because changing between Firefox and Crome doesn´t help.


    Well, I have installed Hola -application to Crome and used it with Freedome. Connection to Netflix has been successful but I wonder how is it with security? How does Freedome work with Hola?





  • Fab1
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    I'm for the moment in Asia and I have the same problem. I can't watch any Belgian content. I have always the same message : "content only avalaible in Belgium" even when I choose Belgium as location on Freedome.

    So Freedome is totally useless for me and finally I paid for nothing. I tried to contact them to fix this with no result...
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