Automatic connectrion after a computer has been hypernated don´t work

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The lates version of Freedome don´t establish connection automatically afteer a computer has been hypernated or in a sleep. Automatic connection is selected in settings. Every selection is on. What is so diffucult to correct the bug? Avast Secureline software can reliably establish connection automatically after computer has been in a sleep.


I have notice that freedome may try to connect automatically, but it don´t wait enough time to let a computer to establish internet connection via wifi. The bug is a security issue.


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    Hi Freeworld,


    Freedome should automatically connect if it was connected before the computer went to sleep. So, when it starts after the sleep, it would autoconnect. However, if the network wakes up very slow after the computer has woken up, Freedome may not reform the connection.

  • Freeworld
    Freeworld Posts: 10 New Member

    If network wakes up in couple of seconds, it seems to be to long time. Freedome has too short time setting to wait. However Avast Secureline works, so I can expect you can fix the bug in Freedome.

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