Client Security - Suggestions


Dear FS-Team,

I like to submit the following suggestions for Client Security 12.00, Windows 7 x64.


1) Application control:

please allow under "Application control" goups to be created under which applications can be placed, so the administration of larger number of applications is easier, not having to scroll down a single list with losts of applications each time applying a temporary change.


2) Traffic analysis

Currently traffic is dumped into a text file. Please allow current traffic and packet logs to be viewed as scrollable table for easier analysis.


3) Color scheme:

The new color scheme might be nice for Win10 but it just looks quite out of place for Windows 7 platforms. Please give an option during installation e.g. to choose between the classic blue scheme or the newer one.


Product: Client Security 12.00

Platform: Windows 7 x64


Best regards,


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