How can I submit my website (not rated yet) for rating to f-secure


I searched this community and the internet but I can't find anything about submitting my website to f-secure for a (positive) rating (instead of not rated). 



  • who
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    Thanks for the reaction:

    imho this form  ("Submit suspicious files or URLs to F-Secure Labs for analysis.") seems to be only for submitting suspicions url's or unblocking.


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    Are you referring to the ratings on the likes of Google, where a site gets a green tick? If so, I believe that is a positive rating. A website should only receive a 'negative' rating if it appears to have malicious content, which is when you would then submit your site to the labs for analysis.

    If your site is not displaying a rating, I'm not sure what the process there is, but I guess you could still submit the URL for analysis, and it may then receive the rating.

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    Sorry for my reply.


    My experience about not rated pages (pages with unknown rating) with next steps (for current version/forms under F-Secure SAS):


    --> URL  (Submission-category);

    --> link;

    --> Safe URL blocked by F-Secure's product (Type);

    --> Other / Not sure (Blocking product);


    My explanation for current steps... next one:


    I use F-Secure Browsing Protection with feature Content Blocker about "category" -- "unrated pages" (unknown content).

    It's mean pages with unknown rating, unrated pages... will be blocked.

    So... "unrated"-status for page will be a reason for blocking safe URLs.


    Also with my experience.. it's work. Page can be rated after that... but time to time you have to re-ask about URL. Or unrated-rating can to do "come back" after some months (in somewhat reason).


    but commonly if you planned to do this just for one website... and after some days rating comes (or if not comes... some re-ask F-Secure SAS - nice to create account for get letter about ticket-number and possibility re-ask about certain URL-situation - and rating can to created).


    With my experience (I have to create "tickets" not just for one website with unknown rating)..... time to time.. it's can to take weeks, months and many days for get rating/rated-status.

    With latest experience.... I wait rating for some URLs.. already.... probably.... more than six (seven?eight?nine?) months.......


    Sorry for my reply again.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello who,


    You can follow the URL given by Simon to submit your tickets to our labs for analysis. But it is recommended to create an account so that you will be able to receive a ticket number for the sample URL submitted (along with brief description in the message field when submitting a ticket). This Sample Analysis system URL can be used even for analyzing your website even if it is not rated harmful.


    You may select this option for submitting your URL which seems the nearest option:

    submit url > Safe URL blocked by F-Secure's product > Browsing Protection

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