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I downloaded the latest Freedome version for Mac (I'm on Yosemite). I dragged the icon to Applications. When I open it, it needs elevated privileges and asks for my admin password. I enter the password, and then it just exits. I think - I'm not too sure it happens so quickly - I think I may see a flash of another message or popup before it exits.


I can repeat this over and over - and it never opens. Always the same. Password is correct.


Is there an error log log to see why it struggles to open after it gets the elevated priviliges - or are there other permissions I need to set somewhere or check?




  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Joerg,


    Once you click on ok after entering the password, do you see the Freedome icon in your desktop or in the Launch pad?

  • No - there's nothing. It's as if some internal error occurs and it just panics and stops everything.
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    Hi Joerg,


    Can you try to give your Mac a restart and retry downloading a fresh installer and install it again from the link here.


    If you find any traces of the previous install, please remove them and retry the installation. Please udpate us the status.

  • Hi there - I've done this before; but did it again just in case. First deleted the existing install by dragging the Firedome icon into the trash (and emptying it), restarting my computer, downloading the version from that link, again it wants elevated privileges - after entering my admin password it just exists again with no messages or anything - and nowhere in the dock or menu ....

    ie - no difference. Is there a log? Are there other privileges I need to check somewhere?
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    Hi Joerg,


    I will PM you for further discussion on this issue.

  • Ok cool thanks - I've sent the logs ...

  • BenDBenD Posts: 5

    @Joerg wrote:

    Ok cool thanks - I've sent the logs ...



    I have the exact same issue.  Did you get this resolved?  Can you share the solution?





  • JoergJoerg Posts: 5
    Hi Ben,

    Sorry no - it hasn't been resolved. I've sent in log files to have them looked over, but I don't think they've even been looked at. It's extremely unlikely it will ever be resolved unfortunately ... You may have better luck.
  • BenDBenD Posts: 5

    Thanks for the reply Joerg.  I doubt I will have any luck at all.  Seems like the tech support here is pretty awful.  I'm going with Private Internet Access.  They seem to be much better.


    Thanks again!

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