Repeated writes to policy.ipf


Is there anyway to reduce or remove constant writes (every few seconds) by F-Secure (FSHDLL32.EXE) to C:\Program Files (x86)\..\Common\policy.ipf file? It seems totally unnecessary and amplifies SSD wear...


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    SSD stands for Solid State drive and it has no moving parts. This makes them immune to vibration including wear and tear. You can probably smile now. 

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    F-Secure saves statistical data and the current protection status into the IPF. While I do not know a way to reduce the frquency - what would you accept? 10sec, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600?



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    Having just upgraded my laptop with a SSD for OS storage, (and the boot and application start times are much improved). I have the same q

    However as the questioned at the top of this thread, the policy writes are very frequent, and while this is not an issue on HDD it is for SSD. Total numbers of write cycles are far less than with HDD, so it is desireabel to reduce the numebr of background applications that write to these type of drives.

    So the question is really not how to reduce the frequency, but how to stop it all together, by movign all logging to another drive (tradisional HDD). I can see how to move the "Network Connection Logging" folder from:
         C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Logs\FSFW    for example, but what about the other logs like
         C:\Program FIles (x86)\F-Secure\Common\policy.ipf
         C:\$LogFile (NTFS Volume Log)

    Can these and any other loggign provcesses be moved to another location.


    Yours Hopfully, :)

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    Hello DrTechno,


    I'm afraid there isn't any way to move those different logs or policy.ipf onto another drive while having the product installed on C: -drive.

    However, I recommend that you contact our support regarding this topic.

    To open a support request, please follow this link:

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