Youtube giving me wrong country on oslo



First let me compliment on your services, i find freedome really easy to use and i feel alot safer than when im using other paid vpn's out there. And generally the speed is fine when i pick a country close to my real location.


I have a small question though, i have noticed the last 2 days that i get a sweedish location on youtube when i have oslo selected on freedome. If i tjek on iplocation or such it does say oslo but youtube thinks im in sweeden. Has anyone had a similar problem, i have tjecked the forum for exsamples but i coundn't find anyone else with similar issue.


I use laptop, windows 8.1 and firefox with webrtc disabled.


Looking forward to any reply's and idea's on what could be the issue,not that it is a big problem for me but i still find it odd and wounder if it means that there is a problem with the secuity.




  • Laksh
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    Welcome to the F-Secure Community, Dean! Thanks for the positive feedback on Freedome! Smiley Happy


    Regarding the Youtube location detection and Freedome, we tried to do some testing on our end. The location seen in Youtube probably might be tied to the Google account in addition to some fuzzy logic to determine the location. During our testing, we were shown a different country (may be based on the google account) even When we were connected to Norway server in Freedome.

  • Dean
    Dean Posts: 3
    Thanks for looking into it Smiley Very Happy i really apreciate it, about the google acc , i dont logg in on google and i have google cookies blocked and generally all cookies blocked when im on youtube. I dont use addblock atm could it have something to do with it ?
  • Dean
    Dean Posts: 3

    I tjecked again after the freedome update and i use addblock, i set settings on both firefox and explorer to not use any cache at all, but when i tjek Oslo location again i still get sweeden on youtube, i forgot to mention im not located in sweden. Are you still looking into it or should is it just some random thing? 


    Best Regard Dean

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