Oops. I have reached the maximum number of installations.

Freedome gives me that error message, when I'm trying to activate my code on my Android phone. I have used Freedome only on this one device, but reinstalled it many times. Is there way to reactivate the license code?

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi mikkheik,


    Is this a multi license code which you are trying to activate in your Freedome? If yes, how many devices?

    How many times have you reinstalled the Freedome on this same device?


    Each reinstallation of Freedome uses one of your available subscription(s) from your code. Our RND team is working on this issue. You may find a detailed explanation in here.



  • Hello Laksh and thanks for your reply,


    The license code is only for one device. I don't recall exactly how many times I have reinstalled it, but let say less than ten times, maybe six or seven times.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Thanks for the update mikkheik. May I know if you purchased it via the app store or was it via our F-Secure directly?

  • I first got the F-Secure Safe as a free offer from Samsung to my Samsung phone. Later I got an email from F-secure that you are offering Freedome as a bonus for Safe users.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi mikkheik,


    May I know how many licenses are there in your Safe account? You may be able to generate as many Freedome vouchers as per your Safe licenses.

  • I have only on license in my Safe account.


    When I click the Create code "Luo koodi" on Freedome's page, it says i have used all the codes available to me - "Olet käyttänyt kaikki käytettävissä olevat koodi". There is one code showing under My codes -"Koodisi", but when I'm trying to use it on my phone's Freedome app it says Oops. I have reached the maximum number of installations.

  • Thanks Laksh! Everything works now perfectly! Smiley Very Happy



  • Tony81Tony81 Posts: 2

    Hello, I have this same problem. I bought a multi license code for 5 devices. Bought it with my computer, I still have all the emails from that transaction. Could someone help me so I can get freedome working again?

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Tony81,


    May I know how many devices currently have Freedome installed using your code? Could you please post a screenshot of the error you see so that we can help you further?

  • Tony81Tony81 Posts: 2

    My computer and my uncles laptop. The picture is from my iPad. image.png

  • Yes this is happening for me as well. If there was an easy way to revoke an installation it'd make life a lot easier. I do a lot of beta testing and thus I end up wiping and reinstalling fairly often.
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi chongodro1d,


    Could you please provide me the following information in order to assist you further on this?

    1. Is it a multi license or a single license code? How did you purchase your license for Freedome?

    2. How many devices are currently using your code?

    3. Screenshot of the error seen in your device


  • Hello,


    I have the same problem.

    I bought 5 license f-secure freedome vpn. I installed on 4 laptop and one android tablet.

    When I formatted my two laptop i could not re-install the license. It says "you have reach the maximum number of installation woith this code. Pleae make a purchase to extend your freedome subscription.





  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Richard,


    I saw your screenshot shared in the other post as well. Could you please send me a private message with your purchase details like code/order number/date of purchase so that I can check further on this issue?


    How did you purchase Freedome? Was it purchased directly from F-Secure?

  • 1. Multi license (3 devices)

    2. Now I am using it on 1 device (PC)

    3. It's not an error screen, it's the traditional "oops you've run out of installations, plz buy more yada yada"

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi chongodro1d,


    I have replied to your PM with further information.

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