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I was looking at statistics page and found not much useful information, I would say that pie chart says absolutely nothing.


Does it mean what was uploaded out of what should be uploaded or what?


I suggest you to make bar chart indicating how many files/bytes of information were uploaded, and besides it also make pie chart indicating how many different things were backed up(e.g. 5%documents, 50% pictures and so on). but also will be good to have information about particular date how many were uploaded(e.g. for this were uploaded 5GB; on this week were uploaded 50 GBs; and so on).


However, it will be good if you'll do all of them in similar manner as you have with Online Safety.


So, what I think how it should be: you should be able to change between currencies(first current is bytes of information and second is files), you should be able to change view between pie and box charts(where box chart will indicate how many files were uploaded by date(5GB 11th january, 2GB 12th January, and so on), but pie should indicate what type of data were uploaded in particular day), however also, there should be information about what type and how many files were uploaded totally(since installation of OLB) and how many are they currently out there(at this fixed time, you know you have removed some files after initial upload)



I'm sure, this will be much much more helpful than what we have to day



  • SebastianNSebastianN Posts: 7 Former F-Secure Employee

    The pie chart is based on the amount of content that has been backed up and is updated while the backup is proceeding.


    While I do agree that some improvements to it might be very valuable for some users, the pie chart as is seems to be appreciated by the majorrity of our users. No changes in the pie chart are coming with the upcoming OLB 3.0, but let's see if we can make it more flexible, valuable, informative in a release following that one.



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    yes, I agree about pie(after using it for a while now I think it's good enough)

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