Freedome licenses runs out before the limit

According to Freedome user regulations I can use it in as many computers/tablets/phones as I have licenses for F-Secure SAFE. I cannot install and use my license code more than up to 3, even though I have bought F-Secure SAFE for 7 machines. So, I tried to contact F-Secure support and they just said to contact here. So, now help me.


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    Hello DogeRone,


    Did you generate multiple Freedome installation codes from your mysafe portal? Could you tell us what error you see when you try to generate a new one? 

  • Hi!

    It just says that I have no more licenses to use. It says in finnish: "Hups. Tämän tilauksen asennusten enimmäismäärä on käytetty. Tee uusi ostos, jos haluat jatkaa Freedome-tilausta."

    I have only one license code to use and I got it from F-Secure MySafe portal. It doesn't give me option to create more that one license code.

    I would have included a screenshot of it, but this message board doesn't seem to allow it.....
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    Hello DogeRone,


    You should be able to generate new voucher (see below). The first one would be "Your voucher" the next ones should be "Vouchers for friends and family".




    You can reach this page by clicking on the "F-Secure Freedome" button on mysafe main page.


    Community should allow you to upload picture. Did you use the "insert/edit image" option or did a drag&drop?

    What kind of error do you get when you try to upload?

  • Hi!


    It doesn't matter anymore that I couldn't insert an image. But, thanks for your help.

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