Facebook F-Secure Online Scanner doesn't download

Like another poster , when I attempt to log in on my Facebook accout, I get a message that my computer may have Malware that is affecting my computer and I'm unable to log in. It then brings up a link for F-Secure Online Scanner. When I attempted to download it, nothing ever happened. After two three hours I discontinued the download process and went directly to the F-Secure website where I successfully downloaded the scanner. After running the scan, it said that nothing harmful was found. However, i still am unable to log in to Facebook and continue to get the message about the malware.

My pop-ups are enabled. I tried in Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. I tried to log in on a different Facebook account in the same PC and it worked. But mine account does not. I really need help. 



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    Hello AllanC,


    Sorry to hear about your trouble. There was a similar issue mentioned over this post in here.  There are various options provided for the download in various browsers. Can you check this?


    The link provided also mentions that running our F-Secure Online Scanner from our web site will not help to release the profile even if the scan result is clean. So, it is necessary to run the scan through the Facebook download option. If the download does not complete automatically, try to download the scanner manually from the link provided on the Facebook page and run it.

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    yes, check the link provided above, and please make sure you not only download the scanner but also run it. Browsers like Chrome or FF download it and that's it. You need to run it to make things rolling.



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