Connection control: possibility on client to select if feature is enabled/disabled on client

Rauno Posts: 2 Observer

Policy manager 12.00 + Client Security Premium 12.00:

Policy manager has setting to "enable"/"disable" and "lock" feature named "Connection control" for client. In case settings is set to f.ex "enabled" and "not locked" on PM, there is no possibility for user to disable this setting on client side. I think it would be good to have this setting on client side under Browsing protection tab so that user can then choose if this feature is enabled or disabled (when policy allows user decision).


Why: Because some users have found this feature "annoying" when causing unnecessary popups and confirms with sites that do not need this feature. Adding sites to list of trusted sites is not a preferable solution in this case.  On the other hand, if some users like to use this feature, then they can opt it active themself.


  • jessie
    jessie Posts: 1 New Member

    Please let us hide this annoying connection control message. It gets in the way of my browsing and I can't believe you can't dock it or anything. It's great I'm being protected but there's no reason to make my browsing more difficult by placing annoying popups in the way. Just do the job quietly and leave me do mine!