fs protection - Add import export function to browsing protection exception


Dear FS team,


Thanks for the great job in developing fs.


In earlier days I use Privoxy to block ads system-wide but this didn't work well in Windows 8 so I dropped it and found some other solutions. Fast foward to now I've upgraded to Windows 10 and Edge lacks ad blocking functionality. Being extremely annoyed by the Flash ads I suddenly thought of using Browsing Control to deny access to the domain hosting the ad most annoying me and, BOOM, works like a charm. All annoying flash ads gone.


I foresee that I'll be slowly adding domains to that list once some more annoying ads comes out. However currently the list can't be import and export, making it difficult for me to port the list to different PCs.


Aside from this, I think people do manage the list based on their own usage pattern and it would be nice to be able to port the list around without needing to enter each domain in every PC every time


Please consider to add an import export function to the allow deny list of domain in fs protection's browsing control. Thanks

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  • Ukko
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    Hello, Sorry for my reply. I have same experience around. Practically after first days of experience with F-Secure solutions (previously I have experience with software, where was by default good content blocker/ADs blocker). It was something as my "design" of use for Content Blocker features.... and pretty nice experience. It was as additional to default features of browsers (as tracking protection) and also comes as "step by step" collection about strange URLs/tracking/advertisements or other things, which I want to block. Not always work totally, but with normal result (which was enough for me). So... it's speedy start be long list..... and different list for machines (such as... hard to fill all of them). With reinstallation/uninstallation attempts... was really hard story. Manual "export" URLs/links to text-files and manual "import"-back after that. Takes a lot of hours. I also created probably many months ago... related (with your feature request) thoughts.... and get response: that something same.. F-Secure team have under backlog (and it's indeed can be a good feature and there have some of steps for realization). Anyway.. it's mean that potentially current feature can be under backlog long time. And will be nice if someone else created "votes", dreams around... because if current feature can to be helpful for more people/users... maybe feature can to get high priority :) . Also with my experience... for some of URLs was not clear about some of points and I decided to use "two variants". All of "links/URLs" I added to block list with two variants: -> with "www." and -> just URL. Time to time it's can be differently to work and I always forget to re-check... which variant can be enough for all situations. Sorry for long reply. Thanks.
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    Ad blocker and export functionality can both be found from the latest version, so closing this old ticket.