I'd like to see back again the section for feature request in beta portal


I am part of the beta program of F-secure for almost 5 years now, and I'm glad to helped you over these year.


At the beggining, the beta portal (beta.f-secure.com) looked very old-fashioned, but it has been changed from the beginning.


But I didn't like a thing in particular of the new beta portal: why did you remove the feature request from the beta portal?


And, second, I think it would be better to merge this forum in the beta portal, so it would be easier to follow everything.


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    Hi @Nicos18


    We removed the feature request section, since there was a backlog of over 2 years in processing the feature requests.


    Another problem was that we got multiple requests for same features (making the backlog larger), since users could not see what others were requesting. It is much better to request features here on this forum and other interested users can comment on the same thread. This allows more interaction between beta users and also we can easily identify the most wanted features.


    The forum is here instead of beta.f-secure.com so that non-beta users can also follow what is happening in the beta program.



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