Re: How to transfer code from one pc to another?

This is a great pitty. I have used all my 3 licenses for three PCs and buying a new one now. One of those three is for a broken PC that I cant even open anymore. So I cant release the license from it for the new on?! If this is the case I will not renew my F-Secure license anymore but buy another one from a competitor. 


In addition: the information box for protecting banking services is a on the way when one is using PC browser since a late update. It is very annoying. The UI has gone worse much.


  • MarkusB
    MarkusB Posts: 8 Explorer

    I'm sorry I posted in a wrong thread. It is about the Internet security, not Freedome. But the issue remains: it seems you can't release a license from one redundant PC to have it in another which means that when you have used all three codes you practically need to buy another 3 licenses and you end up paying double the price for the use for three computers. 

  • MarkusB
    MarkusB Posts: 8 Explorer

    Thank you but the problem remains:


    1. Uninstall Internet Security from the computer you want to free up.

    My PC has a broken mother board and cannot be started. So I cant uninstall the license...

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Markus,


    As seen in the article, there is a mention about the scenario in which you are unable to uninstall it from the previous computer. Please find the information given in the article mentioned below:



    Note: If you were not able to uninstall a previous Internet Security installation, the F-Secure setup notification window appears. To reuse an installation, click on Reuse license.


    By clicking on Reuse license, an installation gets automatically transferred to the new computer.


  • MarkusB
    MarkusB Posts: 8 Explorer

    Ok. I try these. Thank you for your help!


    And please try to fix the User Interface problem with the box appearing on the top when using the internet banking security. it prevents using the upper bar which is essential in mouse use.

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