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I have a paid automatic one year renewal Freedome subscription with a balance of 260 days. I recently received an F-Secure email rewarding me with a free one year Freedome subscription which I could activate with a voucher code. I clicked on the Install F-Secure Freedome link and activated the subscription with the code. Now I have a balance of 378 days (365 free days + 13 free trial days). Question: Do I still retain the balance of 260 paid days? If so, at what point will they be activated? Thanks for any help, Willis


  • Laksh
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    Hi Willis,


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    I would like to know about your 260days license for Freedome is for how many devices.


    Since you received an email from F-Secure with a code, have you downloaded the Freedome and used the code from F-Secure email? If yes, did you install it or use it on the same device in which you have the Freedome previously installed?

  • Willis
    Willis Posts: 3

    I entered the key into my PC Freedome since my initial post. This worked fine.

    Now i'm trying to enter the Freedome key in my two android devices.

    I went to Android Freedome 'Subscription'. I do not see where to enter the key.

    Please advise.


    Thank you,


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Willis,


    To get more information on this issue, please provide us the below details:

    1. Where was the initial code used for the pc purchased from?

    2. Was the Mobile subscription also purchased along with the PC? Or was the subscription for the mobile purchased from the Google App store?


    If you are trying to validate the code for Freedome in the Subscription page for mobile, you can find an option 'Have a code' to enter the code. What else do you see under the subscription page for the Freedome product in your android mobile?


  • Willis
    Willis Posts: 3

    The code was purchased from the Google app store for one PC and two Android devices.


    I have no issue with the code. Im just trying to find a place to enter it in Android Freedome.

    What I see on the Android Freedome subscription page for the Freedome product in my android mobile:





    All is well.





    Subscription terms - when I press on 'Subscription terms' a description of the suscription terms pops up.


    This is the entirety of the subscription page. There is no 'Have a code?' as on my PC Freedome subscription page.


    Please advise.

    Thank you, Willis


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