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Just received Windows 10 which helpfully deleted F-Secure Internet Security.....

Trying to reload F-Secure - tells me it cannot complete because Norton Security Scan is installed. I've deleted Norton both by Windows & by downloading the Symantec uninstall tool. But nothing seems to work & I keep getting the message that the Norton protocols have expired & cannot do anything. 

Therefore, re-installation of F-Secure does not properly complete. And so I keep going round in circles......

Any ideas how to resolve?








  • Simon
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    Try running the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool, reboot, then run the Norton Removal Tool again, reboot, then try the F-Secure installation again. But please post any further responses in the correct forum, as this is not a thread for technical support.



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    Hello @gradient61,


    I moved your post to the correct board.

    Please review Simon's advice.


    Thanks @Simon for noticing it.

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    @Ben - can we close that other thread, as it's not really being used for it's intended purpose any more?

  • gradient61

    Thanks for advice from Simon -


    However, it still does not resolve the issue. I have spent the best part of two days trying to re-install F-Secure following that advice & the other post about removing AV remnants/downloading removal tools. But still no joy.

    The Norton link was pre-installed when I bought the PC in 2010 & all I get when trying to re-install F-Secure is the message that access  has expired (in 2011?) & it can no longer be touched.

    Any other ideas please?



  • Blackcat
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    Hi Alex


    it sounds as if you had both NIS, a commercial product, and Norton Security Scan , a free on-demand scanner installed at the same time. Unfortunately you cannot remove NSS by the Norton removal tool, because as far as I know it will only remove the commercial versions of Symantec/Norton.


    Therefore; remove NSS first by carrying out the following;


    1. First, uninstall NSS via the main Window or from Add/Remove (Settings>System>Apps & Features in Win 10). 


    2. Delete the NSSStub.exe from the scheduled tasks
        Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks (you may need to look in Task Scheduler Library in Win 10)
            Delete the NSS Scheduled Task. The reason why the uninstall is not happening is because the NSS install stub is being left behind.


    3. Delete the NSS RunOnce registry key.

    Start -> Run -> type "regedt32"


     Click the RunOnce folder.

    • Look for an entry on the right side of the registry editor window called NSSInstallation. If you find it, right-click it and click "Delete."

    • Also delete the files and folders from Windows temporary folder.

    4. Restart the computer. If Norton Security Scan is still present, remove it from the " Apps & features  menu a second time. Following this, Norton Security Scan should hopefully no longer appear on your computer.

    If the above does not work, you can try a fresh install of NSS and then try uninstalling again (in Safe Mode); httx://  You may be given an option to uninstall it via the installation program. If not, installing it again could fix the faulty install, enabling you to use Add/Remove to uninstall it afterwards.


    Once you remove Norton, use the F-Secure uninstaller tool, reboot and re-install F-Secure.


    If you find that you can now run your system properly, I would take a system restore or better still an image then you can revert back when coming across problems like this again. Good Luck and keep the Forum posted. 


    Edit-just added @gradient61. Plus if you continue to have problems, stay with WinDefender and if you like Win 10 carry out a clean install which will remove ALL of the Norton remnants.


  • Simon
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    Good to see you, Blackcat. :)
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