F-secure booster installation problem



1.  I bought the f secure booster for 3 computers.  When I tried to activate the booster in my desktop with the activation key, the message appears 'unknown error - contact f secure technical team'


please look into the problem and let me know how to install it.


2.  I installed the booset in my laptop and run the 'update' option like prevent file recovery, browing files etc.  and deleted all.  But after restarting the computer, with out even log into any internect access, if I check the update option, I can still find that quite a lot of files and showing like if it was showing 4000 files now it shows say eg. 1200 nos.   Why it is happening immediately after clearing all these files ?


I am not convinced and satisfied at the moment, please let me know otherwise I will cancel the package





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