Does F-Secure AV 2012 include HIPS feature?


DeepGuard = HIPS???


Does F-Secure AV 2012 include HIPS fearure?




  • MJ-perComp
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    HIPS (Host Intrusion Preventing System) is a general term.

    Modules like firewall, intrusion detection system, process monitors, systemhooks monitor...  are part of this.

    The core of F-Secure's HIPS is Deepguard, a rule based decision logic that merges the indications for possible intrusions.

    So Deepguard is the heart of F-Secure's  HIPS-strategy.


    An independent firewall plus a free antivirus can never build a strong HIPS.


    You can find more details on Deepguard here:


  • Chung-wei

    Thanks, MJ


    So if I want to HIPS, I should buy F-Secure internet Security instead Anti-Virus, right?

  • Hexo
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    Is there a whitepaper about Deepguard 4.0 ?
  • MJ-perComp
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    Yes, if you want to be protected from Browser Exploits you should use FSIS.


    Don't know if there is a whitepaper on DG4, but the changes are improvements in the communication and the decission logic. Hopefully the Team will pick it up and update the documenet where needed...


  • celavey
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    Is Deepguard has just been added for the version 2012 of F-Secure AV?image

  • Janiashvili
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    nope, it always was since its original release, but on every new release of F-Secure AV icnludes updated Deepguard(4.0 on 2012 version, 2.0 on 2011, and so on).


    Research and development team of F-Secure tries to make DeepGuard better and better.

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