F-Secure Anti-Virus 2016 10 Processes ?


Like the tittle says, why does the F-Secure Anti-Virus uses upto 10 processes? It's pretty heave on resources, i think AVG is another one which uses upto 10 procceses. 

Does the dev team care enough to reduce the nubmer of processes used and make it resource friendly ?


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    I want F-Secure to be my security solution, but seeing things like this after signing up scares me.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    But does you mean... that you feel results of work (I mean result of current processes work)?

    Such as... your system start be not really friendly and hard to use... with F-Secure (of course.. without F-Secure installation system should be more speedy and more friendly, but...... security will be with less status too).


    Number of processes probably can not be totally related with "resources load" and other.

    Can be solutions.. where will be less processes... but it's will be with total impact for system (as example).


    But there was same topics about same questions.. and how I remember.... official response by F-Secure was.... about "roadmap with optimisation-steps" (such as... it's should be step-by-step be more resource friendly..  but also... on current time.. solutions start be more "cloud-based" - so there can be new trouble-places).


    Sorry for my reply again.

    I just have some of systems/machines with very slow configuration.... and F-Secure have best results with my experience (if we talk about high-level security software and with enough features/quality for me). 

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    Yes, F-Secure may have more running processes than some other AV products, but I believe most of these are fairly light in terms of system resource usage.  Over the years, I have tested other 'big brand' AV products, and overall, I have found F-Secure to be among the lightest in terms of system load, and it certainly doesn't slow down web browsing like I have experienced with some other products.

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