BETA features on triggering JS:Trojan.JS.Agent.KU message from fs Protection


The image sharing community imgur is trying some beta features, which are triggering a JS:Trojan.JS.Agent.KU message from fs Protection.  I am not really sure what these beta features on imgur are but I enabled it last night and the fs Protection message started popping up tonight (no fs protection message last night). I looked around to see if this issue was posted elsewhere but didn't see anything. I figured imgur is a pretty popular site, maybe someone here could see if it was fsecure throwing a false positive or its an issue with imgur. Same results for Chrome & IE


imgur beta message:



fs protection message




windows 8.1 64 bit latest updates

chrome version 44.0.2403.155 m (64-bit)

IE version 11.0.9600.17937


edit: fs info.




  • jasond
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    now its not doing it, false alarm?
  • Ville
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    Hi @jasond


    The fastest way to get any detection problems fixed is to submit them to The analysts there are working in shifts 24/5. Most likely this was seen by other customers and someone submitted it and it was fixed. Once the detection is fixed it will be published through Security Cloud (under 60 seconds to all clients) or one of the database updates (multiple every day).



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