Some feedback on FS Protecton for Windows.


I just installed FS Protection to test it out a bit and its not really any different from last years F-Secure software so I was a little bummed, some colors are slightly different and a new tray icon, anyway.


I'd love if you finally got rid of the awful Widnows 7 caption buttons and replaced them with Windows 10 buttons, if not make it use the default explorer windows so its sorted by Windows itself.


Currently I haven't found a single way to check how much time I have left on my subscription through F-Secure and thats not really good at all, a counter on the main menu somwhere would be optimal or at least show me how much time I have left when I check my subscription key.


I'd also love for a change in the way "gamemode" works, if at all possible it would be great if it enabled itself when a program launched in fullscreen. If not on by default at least an option to enable auto gamemode would be nice.


Thats all I've found so far but these things have bugged me for years, I've used F-Secure for many years and I've never bothered to put some feedback on the website because registering everywhere is really boring, just let me send you a mail.


I hope my feedback will be useful.


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    Hi @LeVvE


    Thank you for the feedback. Most of the things you mentioned are in our backlog but I can't guarantee when they will be implemented. Automatic gaming mode is currently not planned, but I will add it to backlog.



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