Community in other languages?

Maybe i got a suggestion for this forum...

I would be great to have one are for other language like a spanish, finnish, german and so on.

Sometime is much easier to say something in his own native language.





  • AniaCAniaC Posts: 275 Former F-Secure Employee
    Hi Hexo,

    thank you for the idea. I agree it would be great to be able to discuss in your native tongue.

    We are only launching our Community in English right now, but we have plans for rolling out further languages in the distant future. We will keep you posted.



  • HexoHexo Posts: 240

    Ah cool.
    I am looking forward for furthers ideas for the community


    Can you please edit the topic title. I can´t change it.

  • StephanStephan Posts: 351

    Hi Hexo,


    I edited the topic title.




  • HexoHexo Posts: 240

    Thank you very much.

    I looks now better Smiley Happy

  • HexoHexo Posts: 240

    When you are planing a supportforum for "non" english speaking users?

    I think it would be great, to have an one category for other languages like french, spain, german and so on.


  • AniaCAniaC Posts: 275 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Hexo,

    launching a new language is in our plans during this winter. We'll keep you updated.

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