Please enable tethering


After few failed attempts I ventured over here to find out that 3G/4G tethering is not supported by Freedome. Please do enable this feature as it's one of they key reasons and justifications for the product!


I use my laptop on the move, many times tethering through my phone and the mobile carrier's network, often also tethering through the train operator's public wifi or the city council provided public networks. These are the environments where I really would want to run the connection through Freedome but - in the same token - are exactly the environments where Freedome needs to be *turned off* on the phone...


A simple solution would be to install the Freedome client on the laptop but unfortunately that's not currently possible (it's locked down). And even if it was, I'd still need to keep Freedome turned off on the phone which renders the connection to that device open.


In summary, if you would please provide an option where Freedome protects only the internet / public side of the connectivity and leaves the internal network (tethering / wifi hotspot) open, that'd be wonderful.


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