Not function internet after Freedome F-secure is ON !!"HELP ME"!!

After Update to Windows 10, i instal Freedome F-Secure, but when I connect F -Secure Freedome shut down network. why?
but the network icon is still ON
"when Freedome F-Secure is TURN ON! no Internet connection" WHY?? You can help me F-Secure?




no network connection.PNG111.PNG


  • adriaanadriaan Posts: 8
    Hey, in another post I've read they've had some server issues lately. Could it have anything to do with that?
  • NdrivNdriv Posts: 2
    No, I do not think so.
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi @Ndriv,


    I shall PM you in order to proceed further on the topic.

  • Hi - I'm experiencing the same symptoms. I have an active internet, but when I turn protection on, my internet doesn't work anymore (I get the same error message as the OP)

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