F-Secure SAFE installer will not execute (Windows 10)

I just combated through Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 (64bit).


However, now after upgrading F-Secure SAFE installer that I downloaded from mysafe-portal, will not execute. It simply appears to be doing nothing. Download looks successful and I re-downloaded the installer as well.


What to do? Suggestions?


  • jets1
    jets1 Posts: 3

    Yes, I did reboot :)


    Will the uninstall tool work for Windows 10 as well? It is not mentioned, or I am blind :) I will try it though..


    The story is that I first started Win10 upgrade without removing anything. Then I ended up in a situation where explorer.exe crashed right after login. After some struggling with task manager and command line without being able to fix the crash, I reverted back to Windows 7. While back in Windows 7, I uninstalled F-Secure and some other software I thought might affect and re-upgraded. Then Windows 10 appeared to be working like a charm.


    Now, back in Windows 10, I installed my Dropbox app and then have been trying to re-install F-Secure SAFE.


    Thanks for all tips and ideas.

  • jets1
    jets1 Posts: 3

    Wellwell, I ran the uninstallation tool, restarted and behold, the installer executes. Weird, but it appears to work. Running scan as I write this.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    There were probably bit left over from the last failed installation. FS doesn't like that. Glad it seems to be sorted.
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