scan not working after upgrading to windows 10

i upgraded my system yesterday from windows 7 to windows 10 but i it has issues with f secure. first f secure showed malfunction and asked to restart. after restart warning disappeared but i found that scan is not working. also after upgrade microsoft defender automatically started and it detected some default tab registry key. i removed it. than started f secure. but after hitting scan button i came to know that scan is not working. i tried several ways. full system scan right click scan but none worked. also a strange thing is that hitmanpro too is not able to scan. but malwarebytes worked absolutely normally. i think it is an issue with system not with f secure only. but still any help would be good. i saw different  discussions here related to windows upgrade so i guess this issue too can help someone if he/she ever comes through this kind of issue. i have already raised support ticket. waiting for their rply.



  • kris
    kris Posts: 38 Explorer

    one more thing. I was not able to download cleanup tool/online scanner too. but may be it has something to do with my internet bandwidth. and other strange thing i observed is that before restart i was not even able to turn off all security features. but after restart that problem seems to be corrected.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser
    Have you fully disabled Windows Defender? Apparently it's more persistent in Win10, so F-Secure may not automatically turn it off. Try that first, as it may be causing a conflict.
  • kris
    kris Posts: 38 Explorer
    yes simon. I have fully disabled windows defender. but still no solution
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