banking protection works in internet explorer but not in microsoft edge, both programs in windows 10


  • Philibert
    Philibert Posts: 6 Observer
    what do you mean by 'this does not include the extension'? what extension?
  • Khairul_A
    Khairul_A Posts: 78 Path Finder
    The browser extension. By right, Banking Protection works even without it.
  • SES_UM
    SES_UM Posts: 1



    Is the BANKING PROTECTION feature been incorporated in Microsoft Edge? I did not able to any pop up of BANKING PROTECTION in Microsoft Edge like it usually does in Internet Explorer.

  • Outback
    Outback Posts: 3 New Member

    Hi ses-um

    banking protection should be fixed by the end of this month, internet explorer still exists in windows 10 so i use that until it's fixed

    Regards outback


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