Freedome activation, how to avoid "lost key" problems

Hekuli Posts: 3 New Member
I have one year licence for three devices and in two of them Freedome is working OK.
NoteBook PC with Windows 8.1 Pro, OK
Desktop PC with Windows 7 64 Sp1, OK
Laptop PC with Windows 7 64 Sp1 was OK until I did a clean Windows 10 install and after that of course the activation code was not valid anymore.
My problem is not over if you mail me one valid code because when the time comes my plans are to make clean installations of Windows 10 to those two too.
What is the right way of doing the installations?
Do I have to wright every time to this forum because I have not found another way of getting help with activations
Thanks for your time


  • fabio_fra
    fabio_fra Posts: 1

    I have the same problem , one year , 3 devices Freedome signature, please moderators , the code is not working too. How to solve this problem . How  to send the invoice to replace my invalid code ?



  • Christoph
    Christoph Posts: 3

    Yes, this is getting annoying. My Licens is just 2  month from 1 year, need a new key for win 10.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello All ,


    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

    Please refer to this article on that matter.


    I'll send you all a private message.

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