Reinstalled OS: Freedome does not accept my code anymore (says "Too much installations")

sparkly Posts: 2 New Member
Hi! I use Freedome voucher that come with SAFE subscription. I use Freedoms only on two devices: first is my Nexus 5 phone, and second is my tablet.

I often wipe my Nexus 5, I reinstall OS, etc. Few weeks ago I wiped my phone again, and then i installed Freedome and entered my code, and I got error which said something like "too many devices, get new Freedome code to add more devices" or so. But I'm using Freedome only on two devices! So, this means Freedome counts devices by installations, and if you wipe your devices it will still count.

Help, I really need Freedome.


  • sparkly
    sparkly Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks, Ben!
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