4G connection super slow with freedome

My internet connection is super slow with freedome. Normally without VPN I get 50Mdown and 10Mup, but with freedome I get only about 8Mdown and 10Mup. My ping is still pretty nice 35ms with your service. (normally I have 25ms ping) I use 4G USB tethered internet from motorola moto E phone. I already tried and they did nothing or made it worse: Tested many other servers/location, Disable firewall and other security applications, Reinstall windows (I had to do it anyway in near future), Made speed tests at different times and many times. I just made a year subcription for your service and atm your service is unusable for me.


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    Hello The_Monkey,


    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Do you still observe  speed issues?

    Note that any VPN Application will lower connection speed. Also tethering isn't supported with Freedome. 

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    I have the same problem. (my services 50M download/5 upload) I switch on Freedome through my nearest German location and the Download Speed drops down to 1/10th. I tried it with a competing solution called Zenmate = I loose only 15% of the speed. I just subscribed the Freedome Plattform service and hope that this will improve the next couple of days or you can help to find the problem. The Problem only seems to appear through a WiFi connection. Thanks for your help and a solution

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    Hello ChWi,


    Could you tell us if you get such speed reduction all the time or only at some given times? 

    Also how do you calculate such speed? 

    I'll also check with our team to see if there was any problem in the recent days on the German locations.

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    Wireless, Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) Speedtest used search "Unitymedia Speedtest" (http://speedtest-1.unitymedia.de/)

    Yesterday ~12pm EU Central time:
    - without VPN: ~49 Mbit downlowd
    - with Freedome: ~5,5 Mbitdownload
    - with Zenmate: ~35 Mbit download

    Now (9 am, 9:30am), same configuration
    - without VPN: ~52 Mbit downlowd
    - with Freedome: ~7,5 Mbit, 13 Mbit download
    - with Zenmate: ~41 Mbit, 31 Mbit download

    Same as above configuration but under Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
    Now (9:30, 9:45 am),
    - without VPN: ~52 Mbit, 22Mbit downlowd
    - with Freedome: ~ 22Mbit, 17Mbit download
    - with Zenmate: ~22 Mbit, 21Mbit download

    Now like the Windows 10 configuration but wired
    Now (10:00 am)
    - without VPN: ~53 Mbit downlowd
    - with Freedome: ~ 49 Mbit download
    - with Zenmate: ~49 Mbit download

    It really looks as if there is a wireless relation to a massive speed drop with both VPN solutions but worst with Freedome at current state.

    Thanks for helping me out
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