Booster poisti läppäristä akkukäytön!

Asensin läppäriin ilmaisversion Boosterista. Asennuksen jälkeen ajoin puhdistuksen ja virran optimoinnin. Tuloksen oli, että läppäristä hävisi akkukäyttö kokonaan. Läppäri ilmoittaa, että varaustila on 0% ja ehdottaa vaihtamaan akun! Ennen Boosterin asennusta akussa ja läppärissä ei ole ollut mitään vikaa. Läppäri on merkiltään Samsung. Palautin muutokset ja samalla hävisi Booster-ohjelma, akkukäyttö ei palautunut. Jouni varmaankin voit vastata siihen mitään tehtävissä? Mikä on F-securen vastuu tässä tapauksessa, jos kone meni rikki? PAT62.


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  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 105 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi PAT62,


    Our community is currently not localized in Finnish. It's recommended to post all the details of your query in English so that the greatest number of users can assist you.


    Regarding the problem, I am currently checking this with the development team and will get back to you.


    Brief translation of the problem for wider audience:

    I installed the free version of Booster on my laptop. After running the clean up and power optimization the battery usage dropped to 0%, and the system is requesting to change the battery.


    Before Booster there were no problems with the battery or the laptop. It's a Samsung laptop. System restore removed Booster, but did not fix the battery problem.

  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 105 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi PAT62,


    As any of F-Secure Booster tuning can be always undone with a Windows system restore, it sounds really strange that system restore didn't help in your case.

    Based on our development team this issue might be related to a BIOS battery level, and in such case you could try to calibrate it again.

    As you have a Samsung laptop, here is a link to Samsung's trouble shooting page on how to calibrate the battery:

  • PAT62
    PAT62 Posts: 2
    Hi ! I went to the Samsung battery calibration page. I can not do the calibration because the machine will turn off as soon as I disconnect the AC adapter. Before the AC adapter detaching it showed the battery reserve of 100%. After the AC adapter connection and the machine start-up charge status 0% ! Must I drive the machine back to its default factory settings? Annoying to buy a new battery and after then if the machine is not good condition.
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