Safe vs. Anti Virus for Mac

What is the main difference between Safe and Anti-Virus for Mac


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    There is no difference security wise. The main difference is in management and licenses.

    SAFE has its own management portal and Anti-Virus for Mac does not.
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    It is also my concern .. what is the best antivirus for mac. Thanks.

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    The difference is SAFE has a greater range than most cross-platform multi-device suites, with support for Windows, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone. However, it doesn't offer much on some of those platforms, and its Windows suite isn't as feature-complete as many. While the AntiVirus for Mac doesn't try to be a full-on security suite. It offers real-time antivirus protection and on-demand scanning, and also scans email attachments. A firewall tool enhances the built-in firewall and helps manage network traffic. Hope it can help.

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