F-secure fails to detect Cryptowall 3.0


My environment installed with F-secure Workstation version 11.01 build 104


With  Deep Guard  5.0 build 411 installed , the cryptowall 3.0 go undetected


Any recommendation ?


  • Hailan
    Hailan Posts: 50 Active Engager

    Hi CJLee,


    Sorry to hear that your system got infected, crypto viruses are quite hard to stop as new variants are released frequently and they change the behavior of the malware each time.  However without knowing what the means of infections was, usually via email attachment, it is quite hard to make any specific recommendations.


    Same basic recommendations would be:


    1: Ensure you have latest definitions.

    2: That all your software/plugins is up to date

    3: Do not open attachments from email you are unfamiliar with.


    If you require a more details explanation we would need to be able to see the system settings and know where the infection originated. For this I would suggest that you open a support ticket and provide us with an fsdiag of the system.





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