F-Secure Booster problems


In my F-Secure Booster program there is the section UPDATE. I'm not sure how to put this problem. It concerns this: Prevent restoring files, delete protected. As I open F-Secure Booster, when entering the Update -section it always announces that I have more than 147 000 files that I should prevent restoring.  Today the amount of files had increased to the number above.

I have tried to do it as it says: protected but with NO LUCK. Yes, it warns that this may take hours, but the result is: NO FILES DELETED AT ALL after nine hours of having this computer working. The yellow columns will all turn yellow but not green. On the other (but desktop) computer the same problem occured but with much less files to be deleted.

My only solution is to see that there's not a tick in "information" square C:\. I must take the tick away every time I use this Booster programme.  This is the only solution and it's enough for me so far.

This laptop has Windows 8.1 and the desktop has Windows 7.

How can I delete this section in the Update of Booster.

No one can find my files if I sometimes stop using these computers. Why?  Drop a few extremely heavy stones (as heavy as you can lift) about five times on the no-longer-needed computer and your sorrows will be over.

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