Freedome has started to crash


I've been using Freedome successfully for several months on an iPhone 5S, IOS7.


It has become very unstable over the past couple of weeks, crashing multiple times daily to the point of becoming unusable because it prevent other apps from accessing the internet. I get a message saying that there is no wifi connection, when the works fine with other devices. I then have to remove the existing profile, reboot and install new profiles for it to work before it crashes again.


I have a Virgin superhub used a dumb modem. Wifi is through a Netgear AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Model R7000.


It would be a shame to have to dump the VPN unless I can find a solution. Any suggestions?


  • Hailan
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    Hi racdrac,


    Sorry that you are experiencing issues, I can’t help but notice that you mention IOS 7, is this 7.0 or what version of 7 is it? As you can see here IOS 7.1 is the minimum required. Any reason why you have not yet upgraded to a newer version of IOS?


    If Freedome is off does the device have the same problems with the wifi? You mention having reinstalled the profile multiple times, have you tried reinstalling the application perhaps?





  • racdrac
    racdrac Posts: 2
    Hailan, many thanks for your reply. You made several points:
    1.The device ran on 7.1. I hadn't upgraded because of the space requirements.
    2. The device works with wifi, even when Freedome is off.
    3. I reinstalled the app on several occasions.
    4. The app works on a mini-iPad with IOS8.
    5. Since my original post I have now migrated on to an IPhone 6 with the latest version of IOS 8. The problem remains. My router is a Netgear AC1900. Are there any known issues with that device?
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello racdac,


    Could you give us more details on the crashs?

    Do you get any specific error message?

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