Please help me with EVEN MORE SAFE LOGIN ISSUES.

This is the screen capture I get when after paying properly for the licenses for F-Secure software in My Safe I get the message in this galleries above screen capture. My subscription was cancelled and that my money was refunded. THIS IS INTERMITTENT. I am really being messed with. Please help me out guys. I tried calling F-Secure tech support and customer support then this is how that went. I first had customer service verify that I made for and paid for the purchase through the Cleverbridge reference numbers. Then after I confirmed that I had paid for the software licenses and had not recieved a refund the agent helped me reset my password for the Safe login multiple times. It was finally on the third try that it worked and I was able to log in and instead of the red letters. It showed that I could download the software. I now go back all the same login details and I can not login and download the software. I get an account canceled message. I really have had it with this situation. Please see the error screen below Thanks Rich.




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Rich,

    Just to check with you, did you cancel the purchase and requested for a refund? If you did, then that is probably why after the password reset and you try to log in, it says that your subscription is terminated due to cancellation.

    Unless you've purchased another subscription after you made the cancellation. Can you confirm this?
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    Thanks for the quick reply Kharul :). No I did not cancel my subscription. Please check your Private messages for a further detailed message. 



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    No problem. Replied you via PM :)

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