Acer i5 laptop useless for 5 to 10 minutes after returning from sleep

I believe F-Secure is rendering my Acer i5 laptop virtually useless for 5 to 10 minutes after returning from sleep. It seems to start 100s of processes and launches so many disk requests that the active time goes to 100% and average response time goes up to 8,  15 or even  22 seconds (22000ms).



Has anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it?


I have 1/2 Terabyte disk that I try to use as little as possible because it takes longer and longer the more data that is on there... that can't be right!


  • Simon
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    I'm not saying it isn't, but what is it which brings you to the conclusion that F-Secure is causing the issue?  Could you possibly post some screenshots showing which processes are running when you wake your laptop?  This may help us to see what may be going on.


    Just a point, which I always make, but nevertheless, can you confirm that you don't have any other anti virus products on the machine, and that any which were installed prior to F-Secure, have been fully and cleanly removed?

  • kustard
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    Hi Simon, i will post the images but so far i haven't left it sleeping for long enough since seeing your reply (it needs to be a few hours). I can confirm that i don't have any other AV products installed or running

  • kustard
    kustard Posts: 3

    Here's Task Manager on 100% disk, 6.6 second response time:

    Task Manager 100 percent 7 seconds

    Here are the processes that seem to be responsible sorted by Total b/sec:

    f-secure Resource Manager Sorted by Total BPS

    Here are the same processes only sorted by Filename showing the F-Secure managers:

    f-secure Resource Manager Sorted by Filename

    For the record, I uninstalled Google Chrome and it made no difference. Auslogics disk defrag is a recent addition and it wasn't running (not sure what it's doing there but it will be leaving Smiley Sad  )


    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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