Rescue CD UEFI


I am doing a follow up of the threat  


I have a computer that is only able to boot with UEFI.

it seems impossible to boot the rescue CD as it is only for BIOS...


is there an update planned or other options?


thanks to all the community for any help.





  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,005 Influencer

    Have you try Avira Rescue System CD to do virus scan?...




  • StevenZD
    StevenZD Posts: 2

    Hi Rusli,


    thanks for replying.

    well I haven't tried it anyother yet. I was hoppying to use the F-Secure version. of the live CD. If f-secure is the best (malware & rootkit detection), this is the one I want to use. if not than we are very much open to use another one (the best...)


    again thanks for the help on this subject

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