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Hi, I bought F-secure for two years +3 months for 99,99 euros. Paid directly from our netbank. Succseed. About a week later we checked  netbank and had to think hard what had I bought from PAYTRAIL and it's message CLEVERBRIDGE. F-Secure wasn't mentioned anywhere. Everything was ok when I finally figured out what I had bought, but my mom ('cos I'm 17 and bought F-secure to all of us at home) almost got a heart attack (not literally). So my point is it would be really nice if F-Secure was mentioned on netbank. What if someone granny buys F-Secure and then freaks out because of Paytrail? 

Sorry for my bad english Smiley Very Happy


- Nipsu



  • MargosDezerian
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    LOL they will not show always which product you bought,they will more often show from which company or payment processor.

  • DaveK
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    I'm with Virgin Media UK and they put me with F-Secure last year. I recently renewed at the discount price of £25.

    On checking my credit card account last night saw there was a pending payment (£25) "Recurring Transaction" - location 'Cologne'.

    I did not authorise any Recurring Transaction. Cologne meant nothing to me. Called the credit card fraud department and was informed the merchant is 'CleverBridge'- which I know is F-Secure.

    Discovered that 'Recurring Transaction' is an authority for a supplier to take however much they want, when they want from your account.

    Very sharp practice. Have emailed F-Secure directing them to stop this unauthorised action. I'll decide when, and if I'll renew. I'll see if the bank can stop this type of fiddle on my account. There's a particularly nastly outfit, 'Shoppers Rewards and Discounts which is famous for it.

    Your English is  very good. (Better then my Finnish).

  • Simon
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    As I mentioned in another thread, I believe there is an option in your My Safe portal account settings, to turn off auto-renewal, but I'm not sure if this need to be done at the time of the purchase. Waiting for someone from F-Secure to confirm.
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