Freedome on Windows 8.1 error "No network connection"


Hi, I would like to purchase a Freedome subscription which I think is a great product, I've been testing it on my Surface Pro 3 on the 14 day free trial and it works great.  I'm just checking it works with all my devices before I go ahead and sign up.


On my Windows 8.1 desktop, Freedome displays the following error message, then after clicking 'OK' it quits:


"No network connection

Please check your network connection and try again."


I'm connected to the internet and other apps are working fine.  I have all the latest Windows updates.  The connection is via a TP-Link USB Wifi adapter.


There is a similar post on the forum where a Mac user experienced the same error and a member of staff posted a solution.  I followed all of the resolution steps (at least their Windows equivalent) but this did not fix the problem.


Please could someone advise what might be causing this issue and what steps to take to fix it?




  • sy108
    sy108 Posts: 2

    Thanks Ben, it's working great now.  Subscription purchased Smiley Happy

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