SAFE Private browsing is STILL BROKEN on iOS



It has been almost two months when I posted here about Private Browsing being broken on the iOS version of F-Secre SAFE.

It still is.


Private Browsing in SAFE's options menu states that "History, cookies and temporary internet files are not stored when Private browsing is on". Why can I still log into websites and F-Secure Privacy Test ( ) says that I have cookies on? And no, it hasn't always been like this. Before it broke in an update, I couldn't, for example, log into Facebook while having Private browsing on. Facebook said that I had to have cookies on to log in.

Please, fix Private Browsing. All it does is that it clears session data after restarting the app.

Product & platform details: iOS 8.4 and SAFE version 15.2.212203 (FSCDCSafe)


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