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I recently subscribed to Freedome from my Samsung Note Pro 12.2 (android platform) - first week fine, now trying to view UK TV streaming channels from France doesn't allow me to view them.  Message is as though i was not accessing via VPN.




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    Hello moomin69,


    What is the error you observe?


    It could be that the TV streaming service is not having correct GeoIP information. Seethis article.

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    Hi Ben,


    I'm living in France with the Freedome VPN set to UK.  It works OK for a few days then, mainly looking at iPlayer programmes, the message 'Unable to view content etc' displays which is indicative of not passing through a UK VPN.


    I've used other VPN providers which give you the chance to change the IP to make it work and this is what seems to be lacking on FD.


    I subscribed for one month to try on my Android device before commiting to a yeras subscrition.  When it works, its great and simple, when it doesn't, i normally have to recover by having to restart my device which is too much of a phaff as FilmOn works but is not as flexible as iplayer through a VPN.


    Thanks for the response



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    I have an Android 4.4.2 TV streaming device , a Zidoo X9, which works fine until I try and connect Freedome. I cannot get this to connect at all. I can get Freedome on my Android phone and on my Android tablet and also on my Windows laptop. Why not on the TV streaming device?

    I have even tried connecting to a VPN router as well and it still will not connect either wirelessly or by ethernet.

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    Hi GozoMike,

    This is more than likely due to the fact that that Streaming device has a modified version of Android and some of the components that Freedome requires are not part of your installation, namely the android vpn. It is quite common that modified versions of Android have certain parts stripped out, mainly to save space.

    However could you provide us with the error message you receive when attempting to connect? Did you try reinstalling the software?


  • Moomin69
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    I had a Freedome update and all seems tickety boo - keep yopu posted on instabilities but i am happy maintenant Smiley Happy

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