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First off I cant believe how much run around I get trying to get this question answered, especially as it is not addressed in any FAQ or pre sales info I can find anywhere.  I am less than impressed with F-Secure support so far.


For the third time, is it possible to get a Static IP using Freedome?





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    hi man. I am not an expert, but as far as i know that static IP adresses are given to you from your internet provider. and a static IP adress leads directly to you and your location, and freedome is designed to secure your traffic and to misslead tracking your IP by making it appear in another location. "obviously* if thats what you're asking.


    if you're asking wether you're given a static IP when you connect to the hong kong's server for example. then this i do not know.


    since i tried to help Smiley Tongue can you tell me if there is a way to regularly update freedome? 

    my thread got 250+ reviews with zero answers.




  • Nash, you are correct, static IPs are typically given by your ISP, however when using VPN that static (or dynamic) IP is irrelevant as it is the VPN end point that determines you IP address.


    So my question stands, does F-Secure offer static IP Addresses through Freedome?





    p.s. Nash, I would assume as a continuity of security measure Freedome is automatically updating.  This thread concurs. 

  • HailanHailan Posts: 61

    Hi MikeRowley,


    Sorry for the delay on this. It is impossible to get a true static IP using Freedome. However each exit node( virtual private location, country you are connected to) has a limited amount of IP addresses and these are  "semi static", what I mean by this is that they are static, however these could change at any point for various reason to new "semi static" IP's.


    Please let me know if you have further questions.






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    Abysmal indeed!


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